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Health & Being at Home It’s all about balance


Health & Being at Home It’s all about balance

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

The whole idea of being at home has been turned on its head as of March 2020. There is no place to go, no shops are open, no restaurants to eat at, we are all finding a new normal. Experts believe that there will be a rise in chronic disease after a lengthy period of quarantine and lockdown. But let’s be honest, there has been an increase in chronic disease over the past 10 years, so our unhealthy lifestyles started long before the emergence of a global pandemic.

Whether we are stuck inside or going about our usual routine, several of us are suffering. Why is this? I believe most of us are pulled to certain extremes instead of meeting somewhere in the middle and this is what is leading us to become more unhealthy and sicker than ever. How can we break the cycle? We need to try to find some middle ground because nearly all of us live in extremes, exercising like crazy or not exercising at all, staying on a healthy strict diet or eating anything we want. Finding our own personal balance is possible but not always easy and can be completely overwhelming.

Whether you are stuck home due to a global pandemic or rushing around in your normal lifestyle, taking the following steps to alleviate stress to improve your health is important to living a longer healthier and disease-free life.

Take responsibility: We all have an excuse to why we are the way we are or why we can’t change something in our lives that is causing a negative impact to our health. There will always be stress and there will always be a problem that holds us back. The thing is we need to stop, look in the mirror, decide how we are going to move forward and make healthy changes even though we don’t think it’s possible. Most of us are so overwhelmed with worry and anxiety that we don’t know where to start. The easiest step to changing our situation is to not change everything, just change one small thing. Small achievable goals can be the stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle. A goal can be to eat vegetarian once a week, try to sleep at a certain time, or try a new form of exercise. The smaller the goal, the better we are at achieving it, the more accomplished we will feel and the more willing we will be to set new goals. Slowly, bit by bit we can see positive changes to our life and our health. Remember it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Changing our lifestyle can be difficult and should be done slowly so that the new habits stick.

Make a schedule. Keeping to a routine that allows time for not only work, but exercise and downtime is important. The schedule doesn’t have to be the same each day, but it can be completed at the beginning of the week and at the same time you can make your small goals as well. If you go off schedule, that’s ok, life always throws us curve balls. But if we do fall down, it’s important to get back up and get back to it. Eat healthy but not too healthy: I am a nutritionist so this one ranks high on my list. If you are eating clean healthy foods, you will actually feel better. Always keep fresh fruit and vegetables available and try not to buy sweets. I believe that you need to balance your diet though. Do you always need to be eating clean and healthy? No. Eating for enjoyment is equally as important as eating clean and healthy. Remember it’s all about finding the balance.


Source: Expat Life Thailand

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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