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How to live as a hermit in Hua Hin during the coronavirus pandemic


How to live as a hermit in Hua Hin during the coronavirus pandemic

If you had asked anyone just a month or so ago that Hua Hin would go into partial shut down, you would never have believed it. Thailand, for sure, has been through situations like this before – such as during the coup – but these are strange days indeed.

Inspire media is built upon events and offers and giving expats ideas on what to do, yet it are times like this when any promotion encouraging social gathering would be the wrong thing to do.

However this very premise of having fun doesn’t need to end because the events have dried up. You can – if you put your mind to it – have fun indoors. Well, put it another way, what choice do you have?!

What we are having to endure because of this nasty virus could very well shape our future behaviours, more so if the problem escalates and we are ordered to stay at home. Netflix, grocery and take away deliveries and any app on your smart phone are without questions seeing growth.

Hide your mobile phone!

It is all to easy to pick up your mobile to kill time with. Browsing social networks, playing games and watching YouTube. It will leave you feeling pretty lousy, bored and fed up.

You have to seek new things to do. The cliche read a book would be pretty good advice, as would doing some exercise indoors.

Create various things you can do each day, the more you can to each day the better the stimulation for you. If you watch a movie one day, try not to do it the next day – so you don’t get caught up in monotony.

Even writing this, it feels odd. It is like something from a Hollywood movie. But we are where we are and have to deal with it. Staying indoors means you cannot get infected with the coronavirus.

Keep social, in different ways

What is important during the point is you keep social within the parameters. Use Skype or other such online platforms so you can do video calls. Do your best not to become lonely and so reach out to connect with others.

As it stands now, the direction is to minimise unnecessary social contact. You can still get out your home and go for a walk, if you are near a coast line then you also get the benefit of a breeze.

If you do need more ideas or advice you can contact our FREE whatsapp service below and we will do our best to answer with the right reply.

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Nina has worked for Inspire and Choice Group Asia since 2011 and loves to party when she can!

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