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We Need To Talk About “Alcohol Blankets”

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We Need To Talk About “Alcohol Blankets”

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It’s cold AF outside, but you’re sweating the second you walk into a party or bar. Then you have to find somewhere to stash your jacket where it a) will not get spilled on and b) will not get stolen. And even if there is a coat check, you have to wait in a long line and pay money and everyone always loses that tiny paper ticket anyways, right? It’s the worst.

But you’ve probably heard of the magical myth of a ~beer jacket~ or ~alcohol blanket~ or whatever other phrase you use to convince yourself that you don’t actually need that puffer coat.

You know, that warm feeling you get from drinking lots of alcohol. The idea is that even if you don’t have a real jacket on, the warmth from alcohol will keep you from feeling frozen.

But does alcohol actually keep you warm or is that a lie?

BuzzFeed Health reached out to two experts to find out: Kenneth Warren, PhD, advisor to the director at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and Dr. David Raslau, an internist at the Mayo Clinic.


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