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The Beach Rehab Thailand, End your Struggle Now

Hua Hin

The Beach Rehab Thailand, End your Struggle Now


The Beach Rehab Thailand is now offering a Free Virtual Recovery Program to all new residential clients. Get help now and start your journey to freedom.

The Beach Rehab is Asia’s only purely beachside residential rehabilitation center.

Sometimes people need to remove themselves or be removed completely from the people and environments in which their addictions or other problems took over their lives; basically, to give themselves a break.

In such seclusion, sufferers of various conditions or addictions can feel safe and avoid being reminded of the substances that harmed them and the often dangerous associated behaviours linked to using them. Such a person can also take a good step back and look at their lives up to now, and start to take responsibility by asking for help.

Many addicts or suffers of other conditions seek out treatment at a rehab centre because they are unable to break the cycle of dependency on their own. Although they may admit their problem is causing heavy financial, physical, emotional or legal costs for them, they may be unable to break that cycle without help.

Never alone again
Dealing with personal challenges or illness can be a lonely business – but not at The Beach Rehab. With counsellors and clinical staff on-site, medical care on-call, and security present, all 24 hours a day, clients never have to do it alone. Fellow travellers are also a source of support through group treatment work, activities and excursions.

In the France of 1968, the student and labor movement slogan was: “Sous les pavés, la plage!” (Under paving stones, The Beach!). When protesters pulled up the paving stones of Paris to build barricades they found the stones were set in sand. Thus came their cry for change.

And that too is what people seeking recovery are really crying out for – change, along with freedom, safety, a new life, health, and prosperity.

Treatment facility offers seaside seclusion but not isolation
The Beach Rehab Thailand at Pranburi on the Gulf of Thailand just south of Hua Hin is a residential rehabilitation center that provides that kind of seclusion and the expertise necessary to guide those suffering during their journey of recovery – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Overlooking a sheltered beach and nestled against a forested limestone hill next to a Buddhist temple and a peaceful fishing village, The Beach Rehab employs a unique approach to treatment and a nourishing family-like environment that makes clients feel particularly at home.

After speaking with the clinical directors and counsellors, it is clear to see they are driven by values of caring, not profit. It is also obvious that their programs are based around a simple goal, to provide every possible opportunity for sufferers to thrive beyond whatever condition they arrive with.

Environment, mind, body and spirit
The Beach Rehab system is a healthy fusion of a tranquil environment (including spacious serviced accommodation and garden-fringed swimming pool) with cutting edge addiction treatment approaches, outdoor activities and a carefully formulated nutritional and hydration schedules.

The system avoids dogma and commands and has been developed without favouring any particular method over another. It simply focuses on the most effective way to expose root causes of problems and help clients discover better ways to cope with their feelings.

Individual attention means everyone runs their own race
The Beach Rehab methodology is centred on a belief that that everyone achieves recovery at their own speed and clients are treated with compassion, gentleness and respect for their individuality.

The rehab’s experienced counsellors are qualified members of professional regulatory bodies. Aside from training, experience and expertise, all counselling, clinical, treatment and support staff are selected for that extra essence of humanity and peace, so they are completely engaged with the centres overall philosophy, to guarantee a safe confidential space in which to grow and heal. Clients are also of course prepared for life after rehab, and introduced to other support groups, including the range of 12-step programs and other avenues of care.

The Beach Rehab’s areas of care
Mental health issues
Complete range of drug and alcohol addiction issues
Eating disorders
Dual or multiple diagnoses

Treatment stages and modalities
Primary care
The Beach Rehab, with individual and group work, alongside exercise, diet, one-on-one counselling, and mid-week or weekend excursions.

Aftercare or second-stage treatment at our Sober House
After 30, 60 or 90 day programs are completed, further support to rejoin life and maintain the recovery earned so far is provided through aftercare counselling and relapse prevention guidance and other coursework.

Free Virtual Recovery Treatment Program
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak some people are unable to travel. We are offering a FREE Virtual Recovery Program to all new clients. When you sign up for our residential program you will immediately start the online program at no extra cost. Get the help and support you need now.

Re-engaging in the good life

Exercise, activities, and facilities

Multipurpose swimming pools with sun lounges and umbrellas
Hammocks at strategically serene spots in its tropical garden
Beachside yoga and meditation area
Massage room
Outdoor forest-view gym
Outdoor table tennis
Board games
Kite surfing
Paddle boarding
Sea kayaking

Excursion destinations in the area

Roi Yot Beach – Right out the front door, this sweeping beach is a -minute walk of our facility. Whether it be beach walks, yoga, swimming, meditation, or even creative writing, this is ideal backdrop.
Wat Summanawat (Wat Khao Kalok) is the rehab’s local Buddhist temple
Khao Kalok (Skull Mountain) is a forested headland at the rehab end of Roi Yot Beach. There are caves, hiking trails, a great lookout, and a scenic path to the very private Say Beach.
Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park – includes Prayanakorn Cave, one of Asia’s natural wonders
WFFT Wild Adventure – The centre is home to rescued formerly captive wild animals. Visitors can learn meet rescued animals creatures living at its Wildlife Rescue Centre and Elephant Refuge. Clients get to experience them closely, but without any exploitation. Contact with animals is often found beneficial in rehab courses.
Boat cruise – Relaxing aboard the lovely Siam Pearl Cruise converted teak fishing boat. Fishing, swimming, a visit to Monkey Island to feed macaques and their families, and viewing of pink dolphins in Dolphin Bay are just a few of the activities.
And much more…

Contact 0822188992
email [email protected]

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