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Pattaya beer bar owners beg the government to let them open


Pattaya beer bar owners beg the government to let them open

Nation TV went to Pattaya and discovered that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the so-called ‘bar beer’ owners terribly.

Some among ten in Soi Wong Amat (Soi Na Klua 18) have sold up while others are desperate for the government to ease restrictions on them opening.

They still have to pay rents, accommodation and food for staff and utilities. They don’t want to abandon their employees.

Two owners with foreign surnames spoke to the media.

Saengdeuan (surname withheld), aged 59, who has run TJ Bar for 16 years was in tears as she recounted how she won’t abandon her 20 staff.

“What else am I going to do,” she said. “I will just have to wait for the tourists to return whenever that is”.

Buapha, 44, who owns Blue Marlin begged the government to let her open.

She said there may be no foreign tourists but she can serve Thais in the meantime, at least that would be something.

Source: Nation TV

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