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Bangladesh’s climate adaptation projects

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Bangladesh’s climate adaptation projects

The government of Bangladesh is implementing a project aimed at enhancing the climate resilience of vulnerable communities, who live on coastal islands and riverine chars in the country.

The project, titled “Adaptation Initiative for Climate Vulnerable Offshore Small Islands and Riverine Charland in Bangladesh”, has four components.

The first one deals with enhancing climate resilience of households through climate-resilient housing, electrification and climate-proof water provisioning, and the second is increasing climate resilience of communities through climate-resilient infrastructure, climate risk mapping and inclusive cyclone preparedness.

The third component is improving income and food security of communities by innovating and providing assistance to selected households for climate-resilient livelihood practices while the fourth is boosting knowledge and capacity of communities, government and policymakers to promote climate resilient development on chars.

Professor Khalilur Rahman, Ex-Chairman, Department of Soil, Water and Environment in the University of Dhaka, hailed the Adaptation project, saying it will reduce the impact of the over-flow of water.

He urged the government to create a green belt surrounding the coastal areas to absorb the Carbon dioxide responsible for water raise.

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