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Sri Lanka Battles Worst Economic Crisis, Troops at Gas Stations amid Shortage

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Sri Lanka Battles Worst Economic Crisis, Troops at Gas Stations amid Shortage

Sri Lanka is grappling with its worst economic meltdown in over seven decades, with rolling electricity blackouts and essential goods such as food and cooking gas also in short supply.

The South Asian island nation had ordered troops to petrol stations as sporadic protests erupted among the thousands of motorist’s queueing up daily for scarce fuel.

Soldiers were deployed after angry crowds blocked a main artery in Colombo and held up traffic for hours because they were unable to buy kerosene oil.

Police said many elderly people have dropped dead at fuel queues since the crisis, adding that numerous petrol stations saw people camping to wait for diesel and gasoline purchases.

A Litro Gas Company’s Higher Official said the company will resume distribution when two ships carrying gas supplies will arrive the country in the next two weeks coming from the Thai Siam Gas Company.

Chairman of the United National Self-Employed Businessmen’s Association Mr. Pradeep Charles said three corruption complaints have been lodged so far against Litro Gas Company.

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