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Taiwan- Digital democracy and its role in containing the pandemic

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Taiwan- Digital democracy and its role in containing the pandemic

The Taiwanese government began implementing what is known as “Digital Democracy”, by publishing its data, specifically about the epidemiological and health situation in the country, in addition to revealing the records and contents of conferences to citizens.

Academics pointed out that the government’s approach to applying the principle of disclosure reflects its enjoyment of democracy and transparency with its citizens, unlike neighboring countries, including China, which follow the approach of concealing information from its citizens, adding that the open Parliament Plan presented by Legislator Freddy Lim, as well as the digital technology known as Civic Tech introduced by Taiwanese Digital Minister, Audrey Tang, into the government system, not only seeks openness and transparency but also wants its citizens to participate in building Taiwan’s future.

They also indicated that this technology is an effective tool to help confront the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, as it enables specialists to trace the contacts of citizens infected with the Coronavirus and then create a list of people who may have been infected by contact, which allows the government to quickly and accurately deal in an emergency and conduct more tests, isolation and quarantine.

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