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Taiwan – Taiwan seeks to strengthen ties with Latin America with Honduras as example

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Taiwan – Taiwan seeks to strengthen ties with Latin America with Honduras as example

Taiwan has been strengthening its ties and cooperation with countries in Latin America, as the Vice President of Taiwan Lai Ching-te attended the inauguration of Honduras President Xiomara Castro in January 2022, reaffirming Taiwan’s commitment to strengthening ties with the Central American country.

Prof. Wong Ming-Hsien, who is a lecturer at the Tamkang University, said that Vice President Lai has has no intention to “unify with” China, as he would rather keep the status quo in the peninsula, adding that this would fall under the interest of the US. Ming-Hsien added that the U.S. passed the ‘Taipei Act,’ otherwise known as the Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative Act, to help Taiwan secure alliances within Latin America, which allowed Taiwan to maintain its relations with Honduras. Nonetheless, he explained that these relations might be impacted by the change in political parties. He said that a new party might start taking support from China, which would tilt its foreign policies to be under the domain of China’s sphere of influence. He added that the previous president of Honduras was pro-China.

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